Backflow Theft, Backflow Security

Between the continuing recession and the ever rising prices of brass and copper, backflow theft is on the rise. People have used countless, and often ridiculous, methods of safeguarding their high cost backflow preventers. Businesses, property managers, city employees and even homeowners are all potential targets; targets who lose both their investment, as well as downtime, replacement costs and grounds repair. backflow security and theft articleWhile you can invest additional money into backflow cages, enclosures, covers and chains, why not simply remove the target of the theft? By replacing your existing backflow preventer with one comprised of a synthetic polyamide composite body. The A.R.I. reduced pressure and double check backflow preventers both include this revolutionary feature; which is why they are considered the next generation of backflows. Not only are these backflow preventers the most secure available on the market, their nylon composite structure also features a unique, modular design. This allows for easy repair as new components can be quickly swapped out, at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. To learn all special features offered by these backflow preventers, choose the right device for your needs below.