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ARI Backflow Preventers

There’s no questioning that ARI backflow preventers are simply the best on the market. Designed with the utmost dependability in mind, these backflow assemblies offer unstoppable protection and durability, ensuring fertilizers, chemicals and other pollutants don’t infiltrate your drinking water supply. Through either a reduced pressure assembly or double check valve assembly, ARI backflow preventers exceed the standards set by U.S. Governmental regulations.

It’s rare when a product shifts from the industry standard to the industry changer, but ARI has done just that. Hailed as “The Next Generation of Backflow Preventers,” it is easy to see why the New RP-501 series and the DC-501 series are certainly above the competition.

Not only are ARI assemblies easier to install and easier to repair, their nylon composite bodies and valves are a major theft deterrent as the raw materials are useless to scrap yards when compared to expensive brass and copper. On top of that, their modular design allows these preventers to be scaled up or down to fit several existing plumbing sizes. Lastly, their no lead feature provides the safety and security your building, household or family needs in every delicious glass of water.

If a city ordinance or statewide law change has caused you to research backflow preventers, read up on what ARI has to offer. Once you learn all there is to know about our low cost, high tech solution, you’ll never consider a traditional backflow preventer again.