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Composite Backflows Preventer

Contractors and home owners across the Nation are making the switch to All Composite Backflow Preventers. Even you ended up on this page because you were searching for one. You must know all the great benefits that make these devices vastly superior to those of the past.
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A few years ago, the term “plastic backflow preventer” would have been laughed at. However, advances in composite materials, complex polymers and nylon fibers have made “plastic backflows” the superior alternative to their brass cousins. Here are just some of the few reasons why you want your next backflow to be made of new, high-tech materials:

Plastic Backflows Prevent Theft

Backflow thieves are not the dark ninja plumbers of the night, eager to steal your backflow device to scrap fpr money. These criminals are after the expensive, semi-precious metals of which standard preventers are made. Brass and copper can sell for up to $4 or $5 per pound at scrap yards and recycling centers, making a 10 minute cut job on your backflow preventer an attractive hourly wage. A plastic backflow is of no use to thieves as there is no value in the materials from a recycling / scrap standpoint.

A.R.I. Backflows Contain No Lead

Many people don’t realize that Brass is an alloy, comprised of several metals, including Zinc, Copper and Lead. That’s right, Lead is an integral part of standard backflow preventer design. By using the new materials available in today’s age, these traces of Lead are completely removed thanks to the New Composite shut-off valves!

Plastic Backflows are Affordable and Easy to Maintain

The new materials and designs available today make maintenance of composite devices far easier, and less expensive, than devices of the past. Often an entire assembly can be replaced for less than the cost of one of the parts making up the assembly in older models. Overall, the lifetime cost of a plastic backflow is far less than in the Brass designs of the past.
Should you have any questions about the benefits outlined here, feel free to contact us any time!. The expert staff at United Backflow Solutions is here to help and provide the solid knowledge you need at home, or on the job site.