Quetion: What is the A.R.I. Body made of ?

Answer: Nylon reinforced composite material which is a durable, non-corrosive, plastic thermal resin commonly referred to as a nylon reinforced plastic. This is basically a nylon polymer that is combined with fibers to create an incredibly strong and light weight material. Key Characteristics: High mechanical strength, stability at high temperatures and resistance to a variety of chemicals and harsh water. Nylon can perform in diverse and often severely demanding applications. Nylon is often found to perform successfully where metals and other materials fail or require frequent service.

Quetion: Does the A.R.I. assembly meet low lead requirements?

Answer: Yes, ARI plastic assemblies are compliant with NSF 61-G California AB 1953, Maryland HB.372 and Vermont Act 193. ARI assemblies meet the NSF 61-G standards complying with the National “Get the Lead Out” legislation will be in effect in 2014.

Quetion: Will sun light effect the ARI unit?

Answer: No, the body material is UV resistant and can be installed outdoors and in direct sunlight. ARI composite assemblies carry the Watermark (Australia) approval. Thousands of ARI backflows are currently in service in desert climates in Israel & Australia.

Quetion: What advantages does the Nylon composite body have over Bronze bodies?

Answer: There are 4 main advantages to a plastic body. 1) No Lead- No metal no lead 2) Theft Deterrent – Plastic has no scrap resale value like Bronze or Brass. 3) Lower Cost – Plastic pricing is not as volatile as bronze or copper 4) Longer Life Expectancy – Plastic is not affected by some chemicals typically found in drinking water such as chlorine.)

Quetion: What approvals do the ARI assemblies have?

Answer: We have all the industry standard approvals and a few more. Our assemblies are approved by the following standards authorities: Foundation for Cross Connection Control and Hydraulic Research at the University of Southern California, CSA, ASSE 1013-1015, AWWA C511, NSF61-G, Watermark (Australia) AS2845.1, ACS (France). listed by the Uniform Plumbing Code

Quetion: What are the advantages of ARI’s modular design?

Answer: There are many advantages with the modular design.1) Installation is quick and easy and great for retrofitting older bronze leaded backflows. 2) Service – a screw driver is all you need; no special tools are required. 3) Ease and Cost of Repair – All components (checks valves, relief assembly, retainer, and rubber) are modular and easily replaceable with a 25-30% savings less than bronze units.